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3280 Murten

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Located on the south-eastern shore of Lake Murten, Murten is considered the bilingual centre of the Canton of Fribourg. The small historic town has a tranquil setting, yet still enjoys excellent traffic links. Murten can be reached from Berne and Lausanne by car or train within 30 to 60 minutes.
Parking in front of Hotel Murtenhof & Krone is public (charged); please use:

  • Outside car spaces, free of charge, between the chains, in front of Hotel Murtenhof
  • Hotel owned garage for Chf. 18.--/night.
  • Public, white marked car spaces are free of charge between 7 p.m. and 8 a.m.
  • Public garage, "City Parking", 1 min by foot from the hotel (western side)

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The Joachim family is the second generation to run the Hotel Murtenhof & Krone.

The Joachim family is the second generation to run the Hotel Murtenhof & Krone. We take pride in our warm, professional hospitality and ongoing commitment to service excellence, all while ensuring sustainability remains a top priority in everything we do.


Your hosts at the Hotel Murtenhof & Krone

The Hotel Murtenhof & Krone is a family-run business that always delivers an added level of exceptional service. The foundation of our long-standing success lies in our close relationship and unwavering dedication to our business. Our guests feel and appreciate the warmth and commitment of the entire Murtenhof team – this is also evident in the substantial number of guests who return to us regularly. 

Hotel Murtenhof & Krone – Our hospitality begins in the kitchen
Hotel Murtenhof & Krone – Our hospitality begins in the kitchen

Our top priorities – philosophy – history – continuity

At the heart of our values are the people nearest to us and the stories they share, namely our guests, colleagues and suppliers. We strive to do our best every day: extending warm hospitality and offering high-quality, sustainable services for our guests, providing our employees with favourable working conditions and interesting training prospects, and ensuring our suppliers benefit from long-lasting and attractive business opportunities.

Our primary goals are stability and continuity. We want to achieve and maintain these goals by: 

  • critically assessing our work on a daily basis;
  • showing the courage to make changes;
  • promoting and fostering further training and creativity;
  • being open to suggestions from our guests;
  • remaining open to criticism and learning from mistakes;
  • discovering and passing on history and stories;
  • maintaining respectful, trusting relationships with one another;
  • operating sustainably and utilising alternative energy sources;
  • using eco-friendly products whenever it makes sense.
Hotel Murtenhof & Krone – We are open to suggestions from our guests
Hotel Murtenhof & Krone – sommes ouverts aux suggestions de nos hôtes

History of the buildings and the families who lived here

The Murtenhof is first mentioned in a document written by the mayor Wilhelm Velga von Fribourg.

The heiress and subsequent owner of the Murtenhof, Dorothea Velga, marries Hans Rudolf von Erlach, Baron of Spiez and Lord of Riggisberg.

The house passes to her daughter, who is the wife of Christoph von Diesbach. During the height of the Renaissance, the house attained significant and lasting renown.
The building was barely mentioned for roughly 200 years. Our historians are already researching this and other eras!

Anton Kilchberger, by marriage, inherits the Diesbach family estate and the adjoining garden and granary to the west. This impressive inheritance also includes the ‘Krone’ next to the town hall as well as a barn (now Valiant Bank), several stables (Rathausgasse 4 and 6) and house number 60 on the Ryf.

Auguste Jean-Jaquet establishes a brewery, a distillery and a drinking parlour in the Murtenhof.

Joseph Weger becomes the new owner of the estate.

Karl Spindler acquires the brewery and manege (horse stables with area for saddling horses and preparing carriages).

The Gurten incorporated brewery acquires the Murtenhof and converts it and the ice house on the Ryf to enable greater quantities of beer to be produced.

Albert Bohner acquires the house, the drinking parlour and the manege from the brewery and sets up his blacksmith’s business. 

Adelbert Bohner acquires the house, the drinking parlour and the manege from his father. He starts renting out rooms and hosts guests in the courtyard. 

A fire breaks out in the attic.

Jutta and Theodor acquire the Hotel Murtenhof from Adelbert Bohner.

The Joachim family also acquires the neighbouring Hotel Krone from the Nyfeller family. The services on offer are integrated.

The business is handed over to sons Marc and Ariste Joachim. 

The seminar rooms and senior suites are converted and integrated.

Various rooms are renovated and the small terrace is redesigned.

The historic Krone Cellar is renovated and converted into a tasting cellar for regional wines. The Cave Couronne is born.

The ground floor of the Krone is completely remodelled and extended with a newly integrated bar.

The ground-floor suite in the baroque part of the Murtenhof is opened as a private spa following a full renovation.

After a full renovation, the Murtenhof parlour opens and is christened ‘Emma's Zeit’.

History and stories: Reappraisal of the historical contents of all the buildings along with archaeologists from Fribourg and historians from Murten.

Hotel Murtenhof & Krone –
Hotel Murtenhof & Krone –
Hotel Murtenhof & Krone –
Hotel Murtenhof & Krone –
Hotel Murtenhof & Krone –