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Geschichte Geschichte


First written mentionning: Schultheiss Wilhelm Velga von Freiburg.

Successor Dorothea Velga marries "Hans Rudolf von Erlach Freiherr zu Spiez and Herr zu Riggisberg".

Her daughter inherit as Miss "von Diesbach" the Murtenhof. The golden age of the patrician house begins.

Brother-in-law Anton Kilchberger inherit the Diesbach properties including gardens and warehouse, the "Krone", the barn (today Valiant Bank) and various stables (Rathausgasse 4 and 6) and the Nr. 60 of Ryf Street.

Sir Auguste Jean – Jaquet built a browery, pub and a distillery.

Sir Joseph Weger is new owner.

Mister Karl Spindler new owner.

The ”Brewery Gurten” is new owner.

Sir Albert Bohner is new owner of the pub and smithy.

Big fire in the top of the house.

Family Joachim new owner of Hotel Murtenhof.

Wintergarden restaurant and construction hotel garage

Take over of the nextdoor Crown hotel. Founding of the family coorporation with the 2 sons (2nd generation).

Take over of all patents by the 2nd generation.

Construciton for new seminar room and suites in the crown part

Leaving for pension of the 1st generation

2018 - 2019
Renovation of the historic crown cellar into a tasting cellar for regional wines.

Complet renovation of crown basement with new reception and new bar

2022 - 2023
Construciton Private SPA in Barock part and renovation basement of Murtenhof  «Emma’s Zeit»

Welcome to our world
Familien Marc und Ariste Joachim


This is important for us

In the Hotel Murtenhof & Krone we aim to continually optimize our business, not only commercially but also for the benefit of our guests:
• We want our customers to feel the warmth and commitment of our team.
• We want our employees to be able to count on a sense of stability and continuity.
• We expect our suppliers to give us what we also offer them: flexibility. In return we offer them the opportunity to build a long-term working relationship with attractive sales potential.

These things are important to us:
• Independence
• Acknowledgement
• Quality control
• Openness
• Courage to make changes
• Friendliness
• Expertise
• Creativity
• Being different
• Prospects and new horizons
• History – especially 1476
• The price of oil (we’ve just installed a new heating system)
But most important to us are the people around us. We always try to improve for them. For example, we give our guests a small Christmas gift, we offer our staff special treats and we always greet our suppliers with a smile and a few kind words.


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